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Helping homeless women and children

Those who need healthcare the most, yet have the least access.
Shelter Health Services provides free healthcare and health education to uninsured, medically indigent, homeless women and children living in poverty through its walk-in clinic located within the Salvation Army Center of Hope, Mecklenburg County's largest women's shelter. 61% of the homeless women and children living in emergency/transitional housing stay in the Center of Hope. All may access our clinic simply by showing their shelter ID. Lacking money and Medicaid, they truly rely on the free clinic for their healthcare.

Enabling self-sufficiency

Our mission is to remove health issues as barriers to self-sufficiency for homeless women, and as impediments to development for homeless children, by providing free healthcare and health information that is easily accessible. Attaining self-sufficiency is the most effective way out of homelessness. Being healthy enough to find and keep a job, affordable housing and become a part of the community is what virtually every woman in the shelter is trying to achieve. But poor health can cause or will prolong homelessness

Jay Patel wins overall "Best Mustache" at the Annual CMC Stache Bash 

A great time was had by all Satuirday night, November 23rd, at the awards ceremony held at Sauceman's. Jay Patel won "Best in Show" from the many exotic and interesting designs. We thank CMC and all the participants and their supporters for naming Shelter Health Services as the beneficiary of all the funds generated.  


Affordable Care Act impact 

North Carolina is not participating in the implementation of the ACA. As a result, Medicaid coverage will not expand to include those who presently do not qualify. This represents 70% of our clients. Additionally, NC is not required to set up insurance exchanges from which to buy insurance. A federal exchange has been put in place. To assist in premium payments, a federal subsidy program has been established. However, anyone earning less than 100% Federal Poverty Level does not qualify for the subsidy. 85% of our clients earn less (far less) than 100% FPL.  

As a result, the uninsured, medically indigent, homeless women and children living in poverty that we provide free healthcare to, continue to rely on the free clinic for their care.

Lately there has been a lot of news coverage about the ACA implementation. Most times they leave out the subsidy exclusion of those earning less than 100%FPL, or give the impression that everyone without Medicaid will qualify. Now you are sufficiently knowledgeable of and armed with the real facts to put these reports into perspective, especially regarding the women and children we serve. 



Our values are embodied in:


Located within the shelter for easy access


Demonstrate profound respect in everything we do


Whatever information is needed to enhance quality of life


Tangible services that otherwise would not be available


From where they are now toward where they hope and strive to be tomorrow

360 Degree Healthcare

Our unique holistic approach
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